I Got Fucked By My Probation Officer

Rates : 5

Cast: Jerry Kovak, Keilani Kita, River Fox, Stoney Curtis, Valentina Jewels, Vivian Taylor

Sexy Tramps Get Dicked Down Instead Of Locked Down!!
Keilani Kai got caught with prescription pills but her P.O. didn’t take her downtown because she WENT downtown and let him teach her pussy a lesson with his big hard night stick! When River Fox’s P.O. found a bottle of vodka in her purse, he almost gave her a violation until she offered him some penetration! Valentina Jewels failed a piss test but she wasn’t scared because she saw Officer Hunt looking at her cunt so, she offered to give it up! When Vivian Taylor failed to report another reckless driving ticket her P.O. said “Put out or you aren’t gonna get out!”