Don’t Tell Mom I Fucked My Stepdad


Cast: Riley Reid, Lilith Lust, Cassandra Nix, Scarlett

Don’t tell mumsie anything ever! That’s what these college co-eds are saying to their step daddies upon their return from University. They’ve seen the way their mumsies new man looks at them and they know that it’s wrong to fuck her stud. But they are horny college co-eds and their step dadz are hot! With his dick in their mouth, hear him say its our little secret!

Scarlett Fever sure hopes her step daddie can keep a secret! Her mumzie would be so mad if the knew she fucked her man but he’s so hot and his cock looks so big in his jeans! Scarlett is a college girl and she knows her way around a dick and she’s about to fuck her step dadz!

Riley Reid just loves college life but she definitely misses her step daddie. He’s been so good to her lately that she gives him a big hug and a kiss and a blowjob when she gets home! He tells her it will be there little secret as she fucks his giant dick on the living room couch! Riley sure hopes her mumsie doesn’t barge in!

Lilith Lust has been lusting after her step dadz dick lately. He’s a high powered business executive and he turns her on to no end! Lilith is pretty sure he will keep their little secret after she gives him the best blowjob of his life! Her pussy is tight as fuck too and he takes it all!

Cassandra Nix knows her momz boyfriend wants to fuck her and to be honest she’s turned on by all his tattoos. So when he comes to visit her dorm, they make a pact to not tell her mumsie as he bends her over and fucks his cum into her wet hole.

Date: February 20, 2020