Cory Chase – Our Little Secret


Cory Chase – Our Little Secret
Released: February 16, 2020

You would never have suspected what a freak Cory Chase was when she married your dad. But almost immediately after she moved in, the flirting started. You also thought it was kinda weird how your stepmom would comment about the girls you brought over to the house. And then, sure enough, one day it happened: you walked into the front room, and there she was, legs spread wide, cunt hanging out, vibrator in hand, orgasming on the sofa. She knew you were watching, too…but she didn’t care. So when Cory crawled over and said, “I won’t fuck you…but I’ll empty your big, heavy balls with my hand!” you were down. After all, she’s married to your dad and yea, that’s the wedding ring he gave her rubbing on your cock. But when it’s this taboo, it’s fucking great!

Date: February 17, 2020